Sveti Stefan and Petrovac / Montenegro

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The beauty of the beaches and the unique environment around is breathtaking. Every day we enjoyed the sounds of the sea, the sunshine and the gentle heat of the sand.

Our favorite beach was Sveti Stefan. Warm clear water, lots of small fish, and as a bonus there was practically no people in the mornings and evenings.

Many people park for free near the stairs. That's what we did. And you get a beautiful view on an island from the parking.

The beaches are free too. You can rent additional umbrellas and other beach equipment, but it is not obligatory.

At night the island is just as beautiful as during the daylight.

All cities in Montenegro look alike. We had a meeting with our friends in Petrovac, so took a little tour around the city. The main attraction is a fortress. 

Not much to do here, but you can take a boat tour. We really wanted to do that, but missed the 12PM tour, and the next was in 4 hours. So we decided not to wait for it.

That day we planned to go to the north of the country, but since we had a little baby with us, we decided to postpone this trip. So spend the day driving around the Montenegro coast.

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