Salzburg, Austria

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Visiting Salzburg was magical! You find yourself in the special atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

I thought about going from Vienna by car, but after learning the maps it was decided to get there by express train. Westbahn train tickets cost me 25 euros per person one way, so I advise to take the train.

What is very important for me, since I always have to work during my vacations - the train has wi-fi on board. The journey lasts about 2.5 hours, time passed quickly. I just had time to answer all e-mails, and we have already arrived.

The scenery from the train window was stunning. Parking in Salzburg as well as in all major European cities is a bit of a problem. But the city is small, so you probably won't need a car anyway. 

What Salzburg is known for? Of course Mozart. You can see him everywhere - memorial souvenirs, monuments, streets named after him,  and of course the house where Mozart lived.

Some places reminded me of Italy.

Hohensalzburg Fortress, built in 1077 by Prince-Archbishop Gebhart, one of the main attractions of the city. It is worth visiting even for the views on the city and the mountains.

You can also go inside. I don't remember if it is free or not, but if you wish you may just enjoy the views from the outside, you will not miss too much. Since we had a lot of free time we looked at every corner of it.

The most friendly people live in this city. When we got lost at night in the center, we met one man who helped us getting to our hotel - he missed his bus twice! And since it was a bit cold some random guys were offering everyone hot tea on the streets.

That is pretty much all of our visit. We spend there 2 days and it felt like being in a fairy-tail.

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