Lake Skadar, Horseshoe / Montenegro

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The plan was to see the Horseshoe. It looked stunning on pictures I saw and I really wanted to see it myself.

We passed by Cetinje, took a quick look on the town. The administrative capital of Montenegro, of course, is Podgorica, however, it was not always so. Cetinje was the capital for 500 years. I can't say I was impressed by the city.

The road to Rijeka Crnojevica is not wide. But we finally arrived. The town is a bit scary. Broken doors and windows, everything very old and looks abandoned. But people actually live here. There are houses where all windows are broken and only one has a glass, where you can see curtains.

 And finally we arrived. The Horseshoe is stunning. You can tell by the picture how impressive it is.

 Now our goal was getting to Virpazar.

As I mentioned the roads in Montenegro are very narrow. And it is a challenge to pass by another car. On the left there is actually a cliff, don't be fulled by trees, so it took a lot of time for us to handle this situation.

We were very tired and hungry when arrived to Virpazar, but I really wanted to find a place to have a picnic. So I drew all the way to Godinje. It was a bad idea on that point, we didn't find any road to the lake, had to enjoy the views from the mountains and return home.

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