Becici, Budva and Kotor / Montenegro

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I would love to live by the sea. Waking up every morning to the sound of waves crashing on the beach. Enjoy the sunsets in the evenings. I would love to decorate Palm tree on Christmas. Yes, I don't like winter. I want to live in the eternal summer.

As the plane began its final descent prior to landing, incredible landscapes appeared outside our window. Welcome to beautiful Montenegro!

It took a lot of time to check in and not everything was smooth with our booking, but I don't even remember that already. We landed in paradise, so it's time to enjoy it.

Our hotel was in Becici and there is not much to see here. I must say Montenegro is not a place for lying under the sun, the beaches are small and the crowds of people are huge. So If you are looking for sun, sand and palm trees, kinda of a beach vacation, it is not a place to go.

Even in September the beaches are full, but if you manage to wake up early you may even enjoy it. This is our first morning in Becici, we were the only one at 6 AM. But 2 hours later the beach was almost full.

So since there is not much to see in Becici, we spend our first day walking around, the city is very small, so we rented a car and went to Budva. Budva is even more crowded. Here is a view on a city from a mountain.

We didn't have any problems with parking. We waked to the old town, then returned to the beach. Slovenska beach is a pebbly/sandy beach which stretches trough the area of 1.600m (5.249 ft) from the Budva marina to the Becici settlement. Basically, it is one beach you can see on the photo, that stretches from one mountain to another.

On the second day we chose another destination - Kotor. There is a pretty good road from Budva to Kotor, but our gps desided we must go through mountains, so it was a little bit longer that expected. Kotor is really amazing.

Since I had my baby with me on that trip we stuck on a kids playground for an hour or so. But the views all around are breathtaking. If you don't have small kids with you, than you must climb those stairs to the mountain to see a beautiful view on Kotor. But since we couldn't do it, we enjoyed those views from the mountain. Road from Lovcen to Kotor will not leave you indifferent.

There is also a fortress, with lots of cafes inside. 

We returned home around 6 PM, and the beach was almost empty. The most interesting is yet to come.

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