Show It Off: How To Expose Your Bra

By 6/09/2017

We often see celebrities showing off their lingerie on red carpets. Most of them look stylish and not vulgar. But this does’t work for stars only, every woman can compose her own look with flaunting lingerie. How to expose your beautiful bra without looking tasteless?

The rule of thumb is: make it look intentional. If you wear a skin-toned bra and a white blouse you may get a slight expose that doesn’t seem deliberate. If you open just a couple millimeters of your bra out of the top - it also may look slovenly. So, if you decided to expose - expose. But don’t forget that you’re showing off your lingerie and not intimate parts of body. Save your sheer mesh bralette for special occasions.

So, first way to organically expose your bra is color. Simple method is to wear a black one for white skin and a bright color for black skin. Cover it with a semi-transparent blouse or open weave sweater or … you got the idea.

Plunge lace bralettes work perfectly under deep V-neck top. Don’t make a high contrast between a top and a bra if the lace itself has a complex structure and ribbed edges. With simpler edges - it’s better to add some color accent.

Deep side cut outs look best with longline bras with beautiful side lace. Balance between color brightness and lace complexity not to look too flashy.

Don’t choose a basic bra to build a look around it. It should be something lacy, sexy but not transparent. Helen Kukovski has many styles in so many sizes that you will definitely find your own bra.

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