Lovcen National Park and Njegoš Mausoleum / Montenegro

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Summer, sun, sea ... - three cherished words. Just imagine yourself on the beach, lying on the warm sand with a glass of fruit cocktail ... But no. Lying down is a bit outdated recreation option. I personally get bored very fast, I always want to explore.  

As I mentioned before, Montenegro is not suitable for a beach holiday. Rent a car and go as far as you can, there is just so much to see!

So we rented a car from Europcar and went to the Lovcen National Park. The gps lady told us we will arrive to Njegoš-Mausoleum in 40 minutes. Ok, sounds good. Let's go.

I have no idea how I forget to charge my iPhone, but it had only 20% of battery left, so we had to turn off gps and leave that 20% for the worst case scenario. I also forgot to charge my camera, so you are getting the idea of how mad I was. So much beauty around us. But we managed to take a few pics anyway. Our first stop was God knows where. Just a small town in the mountains, where we had a little walk.

After about 40 minutes driving we saw the gate, paid 4 euros for entrance and moved forward. There was a road sigh "Njegoš -->". We turned left. That was our mistake. We should have turn right to Mausoleum, but instead we went to the place where Njegoš was born. But we didn't know about that yet.

So here we are driving, enjoying the views. The road is not wide, but two cars still can pass each other. Another gate, that should have been an alert, but we passed it without any second thoughts.

Suddenly the road became very narrow. And very scared. We didn't take any picture, because there was no time. The road is a size of one car, without bumpers. There was a fun bridge, when the cliffs were from both sides of the car. On one point we saw a bus coming our way. That was the scariest ride in my life. We turned on our gps and realized we are 100 km away from Lovcen :) That's fun. 

On our way back we stopped by the abandoned house. It was such a nice place to stop and relax. There were times when people actually lived here. Kinda scary.

There was incredibly beautiful meadow with purple flowers around the house.

Finally we got back to Mausoleum. There is a problem with parking, but we were lucky to have a place on the circle.

Climbed all stairs and saw a breathtaking view.

That was one of the highlights of the trip. While in Montenegro you should go there, one of the must sees.

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