Florence, Italy. Boboli Gardens and street lights.

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Boboli Gardens are beautiful and most famous Italian gardens in the world. This place is definitely worth your attention.

Situated behind the Pitti Palace, which is also worth a visit. The Pitti Palace houses important collections of paintings and sculpture, works of art, porcelain, silver and period costumes. But because of the limited time and long lines, we could not get inside. Therefore, warmed next to it, along with the local youth.
So back to the gardens. This is so my type of a place with green surface, divided evenly. This is a true open-air museum, decorated with ancient and Renaissance statues and adorned with large fountains and grottos, including the beautiful Bountalenti Grotta.

The views are stunning from here. You can enjoy a great view of Florence from the hill in the garden. There is no luxury of Peterhof and Versailles, but just relax in the shade of ancient trees and see italian landscape art is priceless.

Quiet cozy place where you can rest with pleasure from the crowds of tourists in the city.

Tip one: come well-rested and wearing comfortable shoes - paths are not paved, and you will be walking a lot up and down.

To explore the city in  two days, a lifetime is not enough. All of Florence attracts the eye, it is amazing and fascinating! Also, in Florence we've tried the best pizza in Italy. 

You must return here again and again so that the brain has learned to take to the maximum value of the real and eternal beauty! 

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