Stuttgart and Munich. Germany.

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After leaving the mountains we headed to visit our friends in Stuttgart.  And then stopped by Munich for a couple of days.

In Europe traveling by car is very simple. The distances are small, so you can even make a circle to visit your friends as we did. The road to Stuttgart took about 2- 2,5 hours, but since the main goal of the trip wasn't exactly the city, we didn't see much of it.

But we made it to the Porsche museum and it was totally worth the effort ( we were very tired that day).

That was the main thing we saw during our stay. The weather was rainy and we didn't have any desire to go for long walks. Everything changed on our way to Munich. The sun was shining and the weather was sweet.

We stayed in Holiday Inn, they had a free parking, that't a big plus.

So what to do if you have only 2 days in Munich? We headed to the center to stroll around and just explore the city.
BMW museum was on our must see list, so we couldn't miss it.

You should really check it out, even if you are not a BMW fan.

Right next to the museum there is Olympiapark. Amazing place to spend time in. I would include it in your visit list.
And make sure you will climp to the top of it. There is an incredible view on Munich! And it's totally free.

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