Port Aventura / Salou, Spain

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When we had a rainy day in Barcelona we decided to visit Port Aventura in Salou, and it was a right decision, because the sun was shining and we were happy like we were ten years old.

It is the second largest amusement park in Europe, after the Paris Disneyland. Port Aventura is divided into four parts: Polynesia, China, Mexico, the Wild West. In addition to hiking trails, these parts are connected by rail and also passenger boat.

My favorite part is Polynesia. You feel on vacation on a tropical island here.

Another favorite part is Wild West. This vacation was supposed to be in real Wild West actually, but since our applications for US visa were declined we went to Spain, so this fake Wild West will be ok for now.
Of course we tried the biggest roller coaster and I must say that was the scariest ride of my life. I will not describe my emotions - it's just useless, but be prepared to see your whole life flashed before your eyes.
Be prepared for long lines unless you buy an express pass. But overall many people were hanging out without any desire to try roller coasters.
If you travel with kids they have their own small attractions. The Sesamo part of the park is all about kids.
Spending the whole day in the park, admiring its landscape, we felt a little tired only in the evening.

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