Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is charming. You fall in love with it over and over again.

One week in Barcelona is not enough to see everything, but it is enough to be sure you want to come back here. The first thing we decided to visit in Barcelona was Sagrada Família. To say I was impressed is to say nothing, it is more than just amazing.

My shoes didn't survive long walks, so I had to buy flip flops on the way to the beach. I must say they are much more comfortable :)

Sagrada Familia is a symbol of Barcelona and it is a must see that every tourist want to visit, but I am sure you'll find corners and places that you will love even more than famous attractions.

I really advice you the Labirinth. I don't know why I love them so much. Maybe it is from my childhood, when I adored film with David Bowie and Sarah. I could watch it over and over again. And my childhood dream came true in Barcelona. It is not that big and it is hard to get lost in here, but still fun to see it. Also there is a big park around the labyrinth.

If you want to see a beautiful view on Barcelona, you have to visit Park Guell.

We reached Park Guell by foot, I must say it was quit a challenge. In order to spend the first half of the day on the fresh air we arrived there early in the morning. Park met our expectations. Picturesque, atmospheric place where a lot of grass, winding paths, musicians and great views of the city.

The entrance is free.
As we sat on a bench somewhere in the upper part of the park, we noticed a group of tourists were climbing the highest hill. We decided that it was time for adventure and went after them. And no wonder! This is where we found a magnificent view over Barcelona and the suburbs, and the mountain of Tibidabo. And there was almost no people. We had a little picnic out there, it was a blast.

Of course we saw all the main sights. After the Gothic Quarter we walked down to the sea, take a stroll along the waterfront and returned to Plaza Catalunya at La Rambla.

The Ciudadela Park, like the rest in Barcelona, is amazing. You can spend hours here.

And the beach is not my favourite at all. I don't like beaches with so many people on it.

 But you can visit Barcelona Aquarium, it is next to the Barceloneta beach. I actually enjoyed it.

Fans of snorkeling, tremble: there are real coral reefs, a variety of fish: big fish and small fish, and the culmination of joy is the huge panoramic aquarium with sharks, shoals of sea bass, fish-moon and many other deep-sea creatures.

I love Barcelona. I really do. I will definitely come back here. Hugs and kisses, B.!

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