Sahl Hasheesh: nice getaway destination

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As our small trip coming to an end, I was actually getting a little homesick. That doesn't actually happen to me often, but I guess we've seen everything we could and it is just time to go.

Overall it was a great stay. The place is gorgeous. Occasional tourists walk along the broad beach.
If you love rocks you got them. Just a short walk from the bay offers a beautiful view of the rocky coast.
You want to see the desert? No problem! Sahl Hasheesh has it all. Beautiful sands are actually something worth seeing.
But if you need green grass you will get it too. The entire hotel territory is covered with grass, as if an oasis in the middle of the desert.
One day we decided to spend evening on a balcony with a glass of wine. This is where the fun began. I accidentally closed the door, leaving the balcony. And it is impossible to open it from the outside for the purpose of safety standards. We spent the whole evening trying to persuade someone of Russian-speaking tourists to help us and to report to the reception of the problem. Honestly, it is very sad to realize that people indifferently passed. It took a lot of people, and about 3 hours before the two girls helped us. But now it's fun to remember.
So yeah, I will not go here again, because I think there is no corner we haven't seen. But I definitely recommend this place for both families and couples.

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