Beautiful sunsets and first time diving

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I was just thinking how much I love what I do. I think studying Publishing and Web design in University I could never imagine I could turn my hobby into business. My job allows me to travel, but at the same time I always have to work during each single trip. I think that is why wi-fi in the hotels is my main demand.

I think winter is perfect for a getaway. Those cold winter nights are great in movies, but in real life I wish I could live somewhere where there is always summer. Tickets are bought and here we are - sitting at the airport, waiting for boarding.
Winters are pretty cold here, in Ukraine. So it is definitely a blast to have an opportunity to run away from snow and blizzards.
It is truly a dream destination to work. I mean watching this stunning sunset while answering e-mails is just priceless.

This place is meant to relax and enjoy. I even stop being angry at the post office that loses parcel. And that is the most frustrating thing: when you work really hard on your order, sometimes I spend a few days to find fabric for custom orders, and then the parcel is lost and the customer is angry. Of course I refund all lost parcels (for now I have two), but it is not about money. I really love every single piece I do and really want my customers to receive them fast and it disappoints me when this shit happens.

But anyways, returning to the vacation spot. Personally for me the main attraction here is Red Sea. This extension of the Indian Ocean has amazing coral reefs.

I am a huge snorkeling fan, but this is the first time I've tried diving. And I must say it is even better. Of course it is scary at first, but I think this is something I will be addicted to from now on.
And also I got the diver certificate with little depth of the dive, but it is only the beginning :)

Seriously, what else do I need? Just give me a mask and I could sleep on the beach.

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