Venice, Italy: Sweet dreams or Venice never sleeps

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When you are in Venice for the first time, you know you just have to walk the streets at night. And it is not scary at all! I don't know what is the crime situation around here, but I'm pretty sure it is almost the safest place on Earth.


It is one of the most romantic cities in the world, but I still couldn't feel the love in the air. Maybe it's just me,
but the tourists sometimes kill the romance of the city.
I really wanted to get a shot of empty city, and a friend of mine said it is possible in the early morning, around 5 A.M. He actually shot Venice at that time of the day and the result of his work is amazing! So we never went to bed this night waiting for everyone to go to their hotel rooms and leave us one on one with Piazza San Marco. Well let me tell you I am not the smartest :) There were a lot of people waiting for the same thing.
So we've waited till the sunrise and went to our hotel to get some sleep. But we had a great time anyways. Venice is amazing at night!

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