Venice, Italy: Saying Bye-bye

By 11/14/2014 , ,

As sad as it sounds it's time to leave Venice. We had a great time here!

I will remember for a long time how good it is to wake up in that beautiful place with special atmosphere.
I always thought of Venice as of city on water, but never thought it can be so green! Do you know that there are green parks just a few minutes away from Piazza San Marco.
Even though it is autumn it really feels like endless summer here.
But as much as I loved this city I could never live here. I love that there are no cars, I love how small Venice is, I love houses on water. But in my life I wouldn't want to be around it every day.
So I will not say good-bye, I will say "See you soon, Venice", because I will definately get back there for another vacation.

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