Larnaca, Cyprus: Where are we?

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Another unplanned family trip. The funny thing is I wanted to visit Cyprus a long time ago, but when we decided to go all flights from my city were cancelled. So instead of 4 hour plane trip we had a 20 hour train+plane trip just to get to Larnaca. But it is always nice to see the sea and sandy beaches. I miss that at home.

So, we said hello to Larnaca very tired at 10 PM and with a lost baggage. Nice start :)
The next morning we were really hungry and couldn't find any store to buy some food or even any open restaurant. Apparently, we rented not the best location for tourists. Mackenzie Beach was just a few minutes away, but that was the only advantage. Luckly we rented a car, but that car was delivered only the next day. So we spend our first day walking around.

  Mackenzie Beach
The beach is the best in Larnaca. The most interesting about it is that it is very close to the airport and the planes fly right above your head.
Larnaca Salt Lake
As Wikipedia says: "Larnaca Salt Lake is a complex network of four salt lakes of different sizes to the west of the city of Larnaca." It is really beautiful, in winter the lake fills with water and it is the best time to visit this attraction - when the pink flamingos come to visit. In autumn it is still dry, but we fell in love with that view anyways.
Finikoudes Beach Just a sandy strip in the city centre backed by a palm-lined seaside promenade. There are tons of bars so it is kinda fun here.

Larnaca Municipal Gallery
Just look at that windows!!! They are amazing! We didn't had a chance to get inside because it was closed, but damn... I love the way it looks.

Kamares Aqueduct

 Kamares Aqueduct brought me back to my childhood when I played Civilization 4 on my computer with my grandpa. Those were the times. Located outside the city, near the old road to Limassol, very easy to find.

Ancient Kition
When we finally decided to take a walk to the Kition - it was closed. We forget to check the working hours and it was closed on Sundays. Sad. But we had a great city tour while walking from the airport to the Kition, and you know, that wasn't very easy with a 2 year old :)
Larnaca seemed very friendly, but kinda boring. I have really mixed feelings about it. And by the way, that's flamingos in the sky. True story.

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