5 last minute DIY Christmas gifts

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So yes, the holiday season is officially here and it's time to talk about presents! Sometimes you can forget to buy a present, or you can receive a last minute party invitation where you can't show up without one. This is my top 5 DIY gifts you can easily make if you have a few hours till the event.


This is super easy to make if you have never cooked in your life! You will need:
3 oranges
300 ml of water ( 1 cup )
300 grams of sugar ( 1 cup )

First split orange peel from the oranges and slice it. You can eat the oranges because we won't need them for the jam.

Then put it in a cold water for 2 hours. This will help to remove the bitterness.

Boil orange peel for 3 minutes. Than change water and boil again.

Take another pan and boil 1 cup of water. Then add 1 cup of sugar and mix it with a spoon until sugar is dissolved in water.

Add orange peel and boil for 30 minutes.

And you are done! Print the sticker, put some ribbon and a perfect Christmas gift is ready!


You will need fleece material about 150x150 cm, or any size you wish. Then you can handle the edges with thread and needle, or you can take the easy way here and do it with your sewing machine. Your blanket is ready!


You will need a jar, a printer and a lot of red candies. This is very easy: fill the jar with candies, print Santa belt and glue it to the jar. I am sure everyone will love this gift!


If you are in a rush, then this one will be a perfect gift for a woman.  Just buy a cozy pair of slippers and fill them with all makeup essentials.


You will need: a chocolate and a printer.
It's super easy. Just print a cover and wrap the chocolate. Done!

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