Venice, Italy: Buongiorno!

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Venice welcomed us with heavy rain in the night. Luckily the rain stopped in the morning. Therefore acquaintance with the the beautiful Venice can be considered successful.

With Venice you either love it at first sight or hate it. I belong to the first category. The city is magic!
Venice is incredibly romantic and photogenic: multicolored houses, teal coloured water, romantic bridges. And no cars! This is a very refreshing experience after crazy traffic in my city.
I think it's kinda a MUST to get lost in Venice. You can spend an entire day wandering and exploring but you'll never get bored. It is a unique city! Therefore it is not surprising that at every corner of the city you will find a tourist who photographes doorknobs or flowers on the wall. I was that tourist too.
First day was very relaxing. Venice, I love you!

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