We cover 120 bra sizes and even more!

By 4/03/2017

When I think about bra sizes, I feel guilty for being on the lingerie producer side. Not only defining your size is often confusing, but even after you found your best size, you risk to make a wrong choice when ordering from other manufacturer. Add different countries sizing systems to this and you start regretting being born a woman. Common! I just want a good looking comfortable bra!

Now we offer 120 bra sizes! Sounds cool... for everybody but our web-designer who needed to design an understandable size chart covering 120 bra sizes. The table is huge, but I believe it's relatively easy to use.

If you're lost in this chart, the bra size calculator comes to your service. And if you can't find your size or uncertain about exact size - we offer to choose CUSTOM size and provide your exact body measurements in the form. As usually, no additional fee.

Do you have questions or propositions? Leave a comment or reach me personally.

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