5 bra styles every girl should own

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Times change and so does fashion. But while buying all of the lingerie in the world is not an option, let's see what styles are most needed nowadays.

Push Up Bra
You may love it, you may hate it. But push up bra is one of the most popular bra types. If you don't feel comfortable wearing pushups, you just didn't find the right bra... yet.
Push up bras enhance and help to make the cleavage appear a bit more sexy.
Push up bras are usually underwire bras with extra padding inserted into the side or bottom of the cups. In my opinion the most comfortable are the ones that have removable padding. Because this way you can wear it as a regular bra, but when you need that little extra volume, you just insert the pads. And you can always use bigger or smaller pads to control the push up effect. So easy!
So yeah.. You may consider having at least one in your wardrobe for special occasions.

Comfy Bralette
There are so many styles, colors and materials of the bralettes, you just have to choose which one you like best. And they are so cozy! Like pajamas for your boobs. I mean it! It’s likely that this style you will wear most often.
They can be unpadded, seamless, I prefer the ones that are made of cotton, it's one of those everyday bras you wear because it's supportive and comfortable.

Bralettes are perfect for lounging around the house or everyday wear because they don't have underwires. The downside is that they most of them don't offer much support for plus size breasts.
If you don't feel like wearing unpadded bra, than you can look into the lace padded bralletes. I must admit - this is my favorite bra EVER. It's like my bestie - so comfortable yet so fancy.

Convertible Bra
You will definitely find this bra style useful when it comes to tricky necklines. Convertible bra have detachable straps, so there are a few ways you can wear them. First, of course you can wear them like a regular bra. Cross the straps in the back for racerback tops. Wear just one strap for a one-shouldered style. And it will also work as a strapless bra when you take off both straps. So many options with just one bra!

The Longline Bra
Ok, this is not a must. The longline bra is not something you will wear everyday. They have kinda sexy retro feel. Depending on the fabric it's made with it can be worn as a top these days. It can look great under a blazer with nothing else.

Or you can save this piece for the bedroom, it will never disappoint. Due to the design of the bras most of them will help you look slimmer.
The style can be strapless, underwire, soft cup, and everything in between.

Sports bralette
If you are going to the gym you'll need that extra support for your breast, and that's what sports bra are made for. Your regular bras just won't work during a workout. There is a wide choice of sports bras: strappy bras, with thick straps, padded, personally I prefer racerback style.
Even if you are not into sport that much you will find it very comfortable to wear it during any activity.

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