Carpathians, Ukraine

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I've been hearing all my life about how beautiful Carpathians are, but I've never had a chance to see that myself. This trip was spontaneous and unplanned.

18 hours on the road and we are finally here! The hotel is great, so is the room view.

Weather forecast promised heavy rains during all 4 days of our holiday, but the weather did not disappoint. We immediately went to the elevator that delivered us to the top of the mountain. Well that's something worth climbing all the way to the top.

Beautiful views are not the only attraction of the area. Our hotel was only 10 minutes away from the largest waterfall of the Carpathians. Of course, after climbing that mountain, we went to see the waterfall. I have to say it is a good thing we had a few days and we went there a few times. Because our first visit was such a disappointment: a million tourists and a waterfall behind them.

This is how it looked like the next morning.

Four unforgettable days in the most beautiful mountains.

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