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Maldives islands were my longtime dream. And I believe dreams must come true.

When you make your first steps out of the plane you feel the heat I've never felt before in my life. I knew that we will fall in love with this place, but could never even imagine it would happen so fast.
You can see the capital Male from the airport.
There are a few ways to get to your hotel and it depends how far it is from the Airport. The cheapest is by boat ( if your hotel is somewhere near the airport island), the most popular is speed boat ( it took us around 30-40 minutes to get to our hotel from the airport) and the most expensive is by jetty.
I would recommend to visit Maldives during the high season, because it would be a shame to come so far and spent all time hiding from the rain. It depends on how lucky you are :)
These islands are all about relaxation.
There's no any color correction on these pictures, pure nature.
The color of the water depends on the sunlight. It is very soft in the evening.
The mornings are really amazing. The water goes away and it looks like something you'll see on National Geographic.
And the brightest color of course during the day.
The wildlife is not dangerous. That's what I LOVE Maldives for.
Little sand sharks are so adorable.
I saw this buddy while chilling under the palm tree.
Some people say that it's boring, but sometimes you need to stop and enjoy. And these islands are perfect for that.
Mostly this is how I spend all of my days - underwater.
And I must say it's pretty scary to swim around sharks. This buddy was about 2 meters long. They are not supposed to attack you, but still...
Use sun protection, because the sun is very very cruel on Maldives. I got burned the first day EVEN with sun cream with 50 SPF.
Now the vacation is over and I have to get back home. But when you love your job like I do, it doesn't feel sad at all :)

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