First look on Dubai. UAE.

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Dubai has everything you need: beaches and skyscrapers, small shops and big malls, it may seem like a perfect place to live in.

Dubai doesn't have that ancient history, that most of the tourists are looking for in other countries, but it sure has a lot to offer. The main attraction I believe is the tallest building  in the world the Burj Khalifa.

The building is definitely fascinating. And it has one of the best view point in Dubai named At the Top. 

We came at sunset time and saw the city in daylight and at night. But the daylight pictures are not impressive at all.

There are a lot of restaurants with the view on fountains, it's a good way to eat enjoying the show.

Of course you will stop by Dubai mall to buy something. Everyone does.

I am not a fan of shopping, but some people can spend days here ( I know those people, lol)

The Mall, Burj Khalifa and fountains are in one place, so you can plan your day to visit all at once.

The most convenient way to travel around is by taxi, that's what we did most of the times. But at least once check out the metro, the trip is really worth it.

My friend, who lives in Dubai, also showed us cool bar right next to fountains with really no crowds in it.

I forgot to mention beautiful sunsets. This photos doesn't have any retouching at all. The colors of the sky are amazing. 

We found this beach by accident and stayed there till dark. I think Dubai is a pretty safe place to walk even at night.

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