Disneyland in Paris: magical place

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Dreams can come true, all you have to do is buy a ticket to Paris and come here, to Disneyland. Oh, I wish I was ten again, that would be a mind-blowing experience. But even as a grown up I had an amazing time!

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Disneyland and at least for a day to be the princess of the Disney cartoon. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be while I was a child. But dreams must come true, so here we are.

The place is just magical.

The characters are so charming and cute. Of course you can take a picture with your favs. And if you came with kids you can rent a stroller, that is so convenient.

The rides are great and I was really enjoing... the cups ride! Try it, and the line is small comparing to the other rides.

It was like stepping into another dimension where everything is pure, fun and happy.

As many other theme parks Disney Paris has Wild West section. You can take a trip around canyons, where you will see Utah landscapes.

I also advise to climb the castle in the labyrinth. Because there's a stunning view on the park from the top of it.
The main castle is the castle of the Sleeping Beauty. There is only 1 room in it.

I think I would love to come back here with my kids. Or probably even visit another Disney park with them, so I'll have something to compare with.

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